Cocktails & Candles Collaboration

Aside from offering a selection of the finest alcohol available to buy online, we often collaborate with our favourite brands to create experiences and memories.

We have partnered with Naughty Naturals World this Valentine’s Day to bring you and your partner a romantic and sensual experience. 

As a business, we at Rusty Rabbit have set out on an adventure to uncover incredible spirits and guide you on a Spirited Journey of discovery. 

Our goal is to tap into all 5 of your senses;

Taste - taste the delicious fine wines and spirits we’ve artfully curated into our portfolio. 

Touch - through the amazing bottles, all of which tell a story.

See - we help you to visualise the places you can visit from the comfort of your own home via our portfolio. 

Smell - Juicy fresh oranges from OC California in Blinking Owl’s OC Orange Vodka, or smell summer in Champagne through our exceptionally crafted champagne, Lapin Rouillé. The opportunities are endless. 

Hear - Hear about our brands that make up our unique portfolio, and those of our friends through exciting collaborations and opportunities, like the one you’re about to read about…

Here’s how our partnership with Naughty Naturals World this Valentine’s Day will bring you and your partner a romantic and sensual experience…

This cocktails and candles night will explore and excite all five of your senses. This virtual one hour date night soiree will include: 

Smell - Live DIY scented soy wax candle experience for two curated by Naughty Naturals World.

See - Two glasses and cocktail recipe cards

Hear - Your date night playlist.

The following are also available as add-ons:

Touch - Massage oils curated by N’ice Cream Butters and a special ‘naughty’ set

Taste - Champagne cocktails from Baltimore based Cane Collective, with Lapin Rouillé Champagne* from us at Rusty Rabbit International.

At Rusty Rabbit Spirits Lounge you can of course buy spirits online, but we also aim to keep lockdown life exciting. If you have any collaboration or at-home event ideas, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. 

*also available to buy online at

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